Be Afraid
Be Very Afraid

Ahoy Mateys! The Abyss has Run Aground at
A Petrified Forest

Known as the ghost ship of lost souls, The Abyss would call to those who were lost at sea, taking on whatever appearance it needed, to entice them to board her for eternity. Come find us at the forest and see if you are brave enough to make it through the wake of destruction left behind by The Abyss. Dare you enter the ship itself? Or perhaps find out what happens when the lost souls make land and are allowed to roam free among us? The lost souls of The Abyss are waiting for you at A Petrified Forest.


This was crazy cool! Best haunt I've been to in many years! First time and now lifetime customer! The laser swamp area was off the chain. I got to scare people in the swamp on a backstage tour. Can't wait for next year!

- Florida Haunted Houses Review

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scare actor and horse


Turn off the voices in my head 

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